How to clean the filters in the air conditioner?

This article summarizes everything you need to know to clean the filters on your air conditioner. Well at this point in the summer you will know what is the most important thing in the structure of this team and you will not want to make the most common mistakes . So we will start by explaining what an air conditioning filter is.

What is an air conditioner and what is it used for?

Each and every air conditioner has a filter. This is in charge of one of the most important tasks and it is the purification of the air that enters from the outside of the environment to be able to heat or cool it, depending on what is desired. Specifically, it is a kind of strainer that removes certain particles, but it also has other benefits:

  • Helps the team’s climate control perform its functions better.
  • It reaches and stops the particles in the air so that the ventilation is free of any contaminant.

Then, you will realize that thanks to the considerable responsibility they need regular care in order to guarantee the optimal performance of their functions and therefore help your well-being.

For the air conditioning filter to be in perfect condition, you must follow these steps for proper cleaning.

How are air conditioning filters cleaned?

1.- Carefully access the filters

We recommend this as a first step, because you will not find them at first sight on the outside. Perform this task with great care, because if you make a wrong move, you can break something.

2.- Wet them in the shower, without fear

Locate the filter under the drain in your kitchen or laundry room. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to him. You may even just need to vacuum it. The important thing is that you can remove any particle that prevents the correct passage of air.

3.- Let dry in the shade

When you have already washed the filter and it is clean, we recommend that you place it in a place where not even a single ray of heat reaches it; that is, in the shade, because if they stay in the heat they could deform. In addition, we totally forbid you to drain or fold it, we do not want them to lose their shape and structure.

4.- Put everything in its place

You can finally put everything back where it was. Do not forget that you should also clean the outside with a damp cloth. Also, do these steps at least every two weeks, do not forget, because remember that your air conditioning equipment is responsible for air conditioning the environment and improve your well-being.

Just follow these tips so you can clean your air conditioner the right way every two weeks. Without fail!

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