Tips to use your air conditioner

With only a couple of weeks left until the start of summer, most will start using their air conditioning equipment again. However, not many know that when it has been turned off and unused for a long time, you will need to follow some previous steps to avoid any problem. Here we explain what they are and in what order to do them:

1Clean the filters

After some of your belongings have been stored for a long time, the first thing you do when you want to use them again is clean them. Remove the dust, or any other type of dirt they have. The same goes for your air conditioning equipment; however, in these cases we recommend cleaning the filters first. As we mentioned in our previous article , cleaning these is of the utmost importance for the proper functioning of your air conditioner. You just have to remove the top part to access and clean them. Remember that this will also prevent bad odors.

2. Clean the outside

Apart from cleaning the interior that you do, you must also clean the exterior and verify that everything is in order. Well, it can happen that the air inlets are clogged and the air duct damaged. We recommend cleaning both the front and the back with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Then wipe it down with a clean, damp cloth with warm water. And ready! Let’s go to the next step.

3. Clean the fan

It is also important that you check that the fan works correctly, without obstacles, especially without insects, because remember that a lot of time has passed and anything could have happened. We recommend you perform this action with a soft bristle brush. In case you see that the inside of your computer is very dirty, so much so that you cannot clean it completely, hire a team of professionals to do it without any problem.

4. Turn on only the fan

Be careful with this point. When your air conditioner has been off for a long period of time, you should only turn on the fan. We recommend leaving it like this for at least a couple of hours to be able to regularize it internally and prepare it for the continuous use that you will give it in the coming season.

5. Check the refrigerant charge

We recommend that this be done by a professional technician, as it can be harmful if you move an important part. It can be preventive, but if you think your climate equipment has lost power, you should call an expert immediately.

6. Check the electrical wiring

You can do it yourself, if you are familiar with the subject, but we also recommend having a professional visually check the electrical installation, specifically the cables. This is because after your equipment has gone a long time without use, it is very likely that the electrical wiring is damaged at some point. In this way, you will avoid an eventual short circuit.

All you have to do is follow these tips and you can now use your air conditioner without any problems.

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